Viewing Properties

The most common requests are to view properties without completing an application.  We cannot accommodate this request due to our duty to "pre-qualify" ALL applicants. We try to make it super easy with a quick two-step process. We CAN NOT make exceptions due to POLICY. The process is 100% FREE and can be EASILY COMPLETED from a modern mobile phone or other devices in less than 10 - 15 minutes. 

We RECOMMEND you preview the exterior of any properties you are considering BEFORE attempting to schedule an appointment.  It's one of the best ways to "know" any home and neighborhood, and we believe a significant step in the leasing process.

Here is a quick overview to help you make sure are genuinely ready to see the property and are qualified to lease it.  We want you to evaluate our property and make an informed and confident decision after seeing the competition! If you liked the photos, the interior WILL NOT disappoint!

  • Have you, your roommates or your family decided that the property, it's location, and exterior condition meet your approval? 
  • If applicable, have you checked the neighbor crime stats via public records / local police department and for any registered sex offenders? 
  • If you have children, have you made sure that the school district of our property is in the desired school zone? 
  • If you haven't spent a few minutes researching beforehand, all the more reason to do it now. 

We can present offers / negotiate for almost anything on the inside, but we can NOT change the location, the exterior appearance or the yard.


If you would like to schedule an appointment, it's time to:

1. Submit an online application.  To associate your application with the correct property - please start the application from within the property details of the correct property online.
2. READ the TERMS and CONDITIONS BEFORE you submit the online application - they detail the process.
3. If you have MULTIPLE ROOMMATES, AT LEAST (1) member of the group needs to complete the application process to schedule an appointment to view.  
4. Will the owner accepts my pet(s)?  What will be the deposit? Will the owner accept a lower rental offer? Will the owner (insert your question)?

When applicants ask questions like those above, we encourage them to make an offer on their terms so we can present for the owner's approval,  possible counteroffer, or rejection.  If the owner is not willing to accept the offer you have in mind, you will know that BEFORE you, your family and or roommates even consider viewing the property.  Please DO NOT wait until the last minute to ask - that's what the APPLICATION process is all about!

What's the worst you can hear when you make an offer?  NO? 
How much did it cost you? About 15 minutes of your time!  
How long does it take to hear back?  24-48 hours 99% of the time!  

Is it worth going through the application process?  YES! 

Pat M. Butler, Broker / President


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